Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Breck & Steve- something blue

Breck & Steve {June.2009} Married in Mesa, Arizona temple. Reception at the Royal Palms in Phoenix. Photos by Sloan Photographers {my personal favorites}

My Sister-in Law's wedding! Because it was such a busy weekend and in AZ; the flowers were collaboration with another local florist who was great to work with.
We used blue Hydrangea, young green Hydrangea, blue Thistles, white Vendela roses, a few peacock feathers, and pearls.

I cannot take credit for the assembly of these bulbous, blue centerpieces. They had a local florist produce them and I was the designing consultant.
Peacock clips I made for the bridesmaids.
You would think that I would cringe at the sight of my flowers being torn stem from stem, but by the end of the night it's really quite the contrary. I revel in the brevity of my creations; I get an odd sense of comfort from their mortality; I think their impermanance only heightens the enjoyment. So when the night is over and all the photos have been taken and the cake is eaten; have at 'em ladies!
Yes, that's my husband. He cracks me up. We had a lot of fun.